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What We Do

In our extensive range of hosting solutions you will most likely find what you are looking for, regardless whether you are a large enterprise or a one-man business. We offer a wide selection of tools for cybersecurity, identity management and data protection. Our professional developers can help you in the areas of website and application development, among many others. We help your company make the right decisions – our areas of focus include project management, strategy, and business analytics.

Our Difference

We focus on reliability, quality, price, integrity and ease of doing business. Given our customers’ needs to host data within their geographies, we provide our own data center hosting capabilities within the US and European Community, and through IBM SoftLayer data-centers throughout the world. If you compare us with large cloud providers, you will likely find that we provide more for less in an easy to understand business model. We serve clients who need HIPAA, PCI compliance, or have additional cybersecurity needs. Our clients can white-label our services.

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Our Customers Speak

  • This is FAST

    Shelley (our customer) has just previewed her site on our servers and given us the go ahead for the change. She had only one comment which she kept repeating over and over – "God this is fast." Her previous experience was with Verio.

    John Parker
  • Outstanding Customer Service Response

    We have experience with many hosts, normally it takes from hours to days to get things resolved. With NewPush I get responses fast, the last being in less than 5 minutes from the time I reported it. If your business depends on a company that is responsive and cares about your up time, then I would strongly suggest that you consider NewPush.

    Dave Fant
  • Thanks so much for being so thorough

    The change we made yesterday allows me to send and receive emails even when at my clients site! This is a great time saver for me. Thanks so much for being so thorough.

    Crystal M. Aschenbrenner
  • Affordable Service

    If you want a list of reasons I use NewPush, it would include great customer service, affordable fees, quick responses to my questions, and their proactive approach in assisting me to avoid common technology-related headaches. I refer my clients and my network of professionals to NewPush with complete confidence.

    Todd Christensen
  • Patient Support

    Thank you very much for your patient support. Every time I have talked with you, the response has been patient, pleasant, timely and effective. Keep up the good work, it separates you guys from the rest of the pack.

    Joseph Wofford
  • Knowledgeable and responsive team with a broad skill set

    NewPush helped us get an initial production environment set up in days, working seamlessly with our developers to ensure an efficient deployment of our SaaS offering.

    Sameer Kanagala, CEO CloudMetRx
  • Thanks for all the great support

    I have gotten many infected emails this week. The Postini software has captured them and prevented a lot of problems. Thanks for all the great support I receive from NewPush.

    Shirley Crider
  • Wonderful to work with

    NewPush have been wonderful to work with. I use my web mail a lot and this service is state of the art. They have helped my business success whether I am working in my office or from some remote location. I now have a better feel for technology and caring service.

    Larry Wintersteen
  • The best ISP I’ve ever had

    NewPush is the best ISP I’ve ever had. I just recommended you to my parish as they are looking for a new ISP.

    Tom Cervenka
  • Excellent Global Network Connections

    Koh Samui Direct needed a clearly better alternative to commodity hosting companies. NewPush has excellent global network connections to deliver speedy content to all our international clients

    Douglas Pugh

How To Get Started

Contact us! Our support team is here to help you 24/7/365. We are happy to schedule a free consultation to get an understanding of your requirements. You can order your services on our MyAccount Portal, reach us at +1-303-423-4500 or toll-free at +1-888-642-7874. Alternatively, you can send email to sales@newpush.com, and we will get back to you. Your server could be up and running in a few seconds after placing your order – it’s that easy!

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