Lotus Notes Traveler Setup on iPhone

Setting Up Lotus Notes Traveler on your iPhone

This tutorial will walk you through how to set up Lotus Notes Travel on your iPhone, to allow you to have your Lotus Domino server account sync native eMail, iCal, and AddressBook apps on your iPhone.

Prerequisites for setting up Lotus Notes Traveler

In order to set up Traveler on your iPhone, you need to have an account on one of our IBM Domino servers. If you don’t have an account yet, you can sign up online, or call our sales department.

To be able to get the setup from the Traveler server, you will need your user name and password.

Steps to install a Lotus Notes Traveler profile on your iPhone

  • On the iPhone home page, select Safari
    iPhone home screen
  • From within Safari browse to the traveler website
    Safari Browser on iPhone
  • The traveler site will take a few moment to identify your device, and present the login dialog
    Entering Lotus Notes Traveler Server URL
  • Before you can access your device specific page, you need to provide your credentials (you should use your email address and the same password that you use to check your webmail on iNotes)
    Lotus Notes Traveler Login
  • The traveler server will take a few seconds to retrieve the specific information related to your account
    Lotus Notes Traveler Loading
  • Once the Traveler server is done, it will display a greeting page with your name, organization, and the device specific options
    Lotus Notes Traveler Home Page
  • Scroll down and tap the link “Configure your Apple iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad
    Lotus Notes Traveler Link to iPhone/iPad/iPod Configuration Page
  • Traveler will then display to page allowing to generate the Apple Profile for connecting to your Domino server
  • Scroll down, adjust the email address and display name as desired, and tap the generate button
    Lotus Notes Traveler Configuration Page to Generate iPhone/iPad/iPod Profile
  • Your iPhone will leave Safari and open Preferences automatically, you will need to tap the “Install” button to continue
  • A warning will appear, tap “Install Now” to continue
    Lotus Notes Traveler Preferences Install Profile confirmation Pop-Up
  • If your iPhone is password protected, it will ask you for your passcode at this point, enter your passcode and the next screen will appear automatically
    iPhone Passcode Entry
  • Now your iPhone will need the password for your Domino account (this is needed, since the Traveler server from Safari cannot transmit the password to the Preferences app)
    Lotus Notes Traveler Preferences Install Password Entry
  • After entering your password, tap “Next”
    Lotus Notes Traveler Preferences Install Password Entry
  • Preferences will confirm on the next screen that the profile was installed
  • The Preferences app will return you to Safari, where you can close the Traveler page, tap on the window icon in the lower right corner
  • Tap the red “x” to close the Traveler page
    Close Safari Page for Lotus Notes Traveler
  • The installation is complete, you are now receiving email, calendar notifications, and have access to your Lotus Notes address book
    Safari Browser

For more information about Lotus Notes Traveler, or other collaboration products, please don’t hesitate to contact us, or visit our collaboration page.